With energy bills going to skyrocket in 2023, now is the best time to go solar

What's going on?

  1. With the sun tax being removed in 2018 and energy prices rising, solar panels are now more popular than ever.
  2. Homeowners with energy bills over €150 can minimize their costs and reliance on the electric grid with renewable energy sources.
  3. Many regions of Spain can benefit from very generous subsidies and tax reductions ¹

Solar panels are booming in Spain.

With energy bills skyrocketing around the world and solar panels cheaper than they were a decade ago, homeowners now do better than ever with solar panels.

According to the National Association of Energy Producers, installing solar panels on a single-family home can save up to €800 per year.²

In addition, many regional governments now offer significant subsidies to reduce the up-front costs of investing in solar panels.³

Solar energy: the future of low cost energy

Solar energy is reliable… because sunlight will always be there!

Photovoltaic solar panels depend on the light, not the sun, so don’t worry if it’s cloudy!

The number of installations has increased significantly across Spain since last year. And solar energy is the fastest growing source in recent years.⁴

Did you know...?

Many solar companies also offer generous financing terms, with options to pay in easy instalments and with repayment terms of more than 10 years.  

Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar

  1. Reduce your electricity bills – sunlight is free, so when you have paid for the panels, you will immediately see the results.
  2. Stop depending on the grid – traditional electricity prices can fluctuate because they are based on fossil fuels, resources that are limited. By leaving the network you would avoid unpredictable changes and save on costs.
  3. Waste less electricity – going solar could improve your energy efficiency.

How government grants and aid can help you save

Many autonomous communities offer subsidies or tax rebates to help reduce the up-front costs of installing solar panels.

The most common aids are those related to the Real Estate Tax (IBI), regional aids and deductions in Personal Income Tax (IRPF)

For example,  many Madrid homeowners can benefit from IBI tax reductions as well as EU Next Generation grants.

How can I start saving with solar energy?

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  2. Answer a few simple questions and compare quotes to find the best deal