Why Brits are installing Electric Vehicle Chargers in their homes

Many Brits don’t realise that they could be saving money on their electric car by charging their car at home.

The days of paying for expensive street parking are coming to an end – with nationwide specialists now becoming available across the UK to install your electric charger at home.

With savings estimated to be up to £4921 per year – it’s no wonder thousands of brits are opting to install charging points in their homes

With the cost of living increasing, the UK government are offering an Electric Vehicle Charging for select households.  Check your eligibility for the grant. 

Why install an electric vehicle charger?

  • Save up to 50% on charging costsup to £492 a year!
  • Smart controls – mean you can charge when your electricity is cheapest
  • No more range anxiety – your car will always be charged, meaning you can drive safe knowing you won’t have to pull over to charge!

Is it worth it to get a home charger?

Yes – your average annual savings should more than make up for the up-front expense, which is £1,000, on average.

Of course, if you have an electric vehicle, you can just use public charging points instead of getting a home charger – except they’re around 50% more expensive to use.

This significant price difference means you’ll save £492 per year, on average, by purchasing a home charging point. So in around two years, you’ll break even on your charger.

Can’t Wait to Start Saving With a Home Charging Point?

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