Heat pumps can lower your heating costs by 25% and your emissions by as much as 75%

What's happening?

  1. Millions of homes across Europe have already upgraded their old gas boilers to heat pumps
  2. Heat pumps heat your home using energy from the air or ground
  3. UK homeowners can claim up to £7,500 off the cost of a heat pump thanks to new grants

Millions of homeowners across Europe are already reaping the benefits of heat pumps. 

Heat pumps take energy from the environment (usually the air or ground) and use it to heat or cool your home using entirely renewable energy.

Heat pumps can lower your heating costs by 25% and your emissions by as much as 75%.1

“Brits are rushing to claim £7,500 through the Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme.”

Heat pumps: the future of cheap heating

With government plans to ban gas boilers on the horizon, the number of heat pump installations is set to increase rapidly over the next decade.

When used in combination with double glazing and insulation, heat pumps can significantly reduce your carbon emission and help you save on your energy bills.

Five massive benefits of heat pumps

  1. Generous grants available – you can save up to £7,500 with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme when buying a heat pump
  2. Reduce your heating costs – homeowners can reduce their heating bills by as much as 25%
  3. Cut your household’s emissions – heat pumps can help reduce CO₂ emissions by as much as 75%
  4. Increase your property’s value – installing a heat pump can increase your home’s value by £8,000
  5. Eco house – heat pumps can be combined with solar panels for maximum green savings

How can I start saving with heat pumps?

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