The average three-bed households in the UK can save up to £520 annually with solar panels

What's happening?

  1. Millions of Brits could be missing out on the benefits of upgrading their homes
  2. By combining green upgrades, Brits could fast-track their savings and save big on monthly bills
  3. The average home could save £642 annually from solar panels and batteries alone1

Solar panels

Say goodbye to expensive energy bills with solar energy

For many Brits, there’s never been a better time to install solar panels thanks to the government’s recent decision to slash VAT on solar panels to 0%.

The upfront cost of solar panels has fallen drastically over the past decade, and the number of Brits rushing to install panels has skyrocketed in recent years to over 1.2 million.

The average three-bed households in the UK can save up to £520 annually and even bigger savings are available with a solar panel and battery set up.

Solar batteries

Save 30% more by combining solar panels and solar batteries

Solar panels can slash your energy bills by hundreds each year. But if you aren’t using a solar battery as well, you could be throwing away over a third of the energy you produce. 

Solar batteries store the excess electricity that your solar panels generate throughout the day, so you can make use of the power at night. 

From storage and exports to the grid, you could save an extra £150 annually and almost a tonne in CO2 emissions.3

Heat pumps

Massive heat pump grants available for well-insulated homes

With government grants of up to £7,500 available for homes that have met insulation requirements, heat pumps are the future of home heating in the UK – but many homeowners still don’t realise the benefits.

Heat pumps take energy from the environment (usually the air or ground) and use it to heat or cool your home using entirely renewable energy.

When combined with double-glazing and a well-insulated house, homeowners can save hundreds each year thanks to better heating efficiency.


Extra £400 a year for families with solid wall insulation

Ensuring your home’s insulation is up to scratch could help you save hundreds on your energy bills by reducing heat loss from your property.

About a third of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls, and homeowners can save up to £400 annually through solid wall insulation.4

Whether you use solar panels, a heat pump or a boiler to heat your home – a properly insulated house means maximising energy efficiency and big savings on bills.


Double-glazing better for insulation and property value

All properties lose heat through their windows but double glazing can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home.

Installing double-glazed windows with an energy efficiency of A+ can save as much as £195 per year through reduced heat loss.5

When installed alongside proper insulation, Brits can maximise savings in the long run through improved energy efficiency.

EV chargers

Save £447 per year with an EV charger

Electric cars are better, cleaner and kinder to the environment than their petrol or diesel-powered counterparts and thousands of Brits have already made the swap.

Buying an electric vehicle charging point for your home can save you money and ensure you always have a fully charged battery. You can also double-up on savings by combining energy produced with solar panels to power your EV charger.

On average, UK homeowners can expect to save £447 annually from private chargers versus public chargers. 

What's the benefit of combining upgrades?

Upgrading your home could help you save hundreds on your bills each year – and even more when you combine multiple upgrades.

Homeowners looking to cut their carbon footprint and save money can maximise the benefit of renewable energy installations like solar panels and heat pumps by ensuring their home is properly insulated throughout the year.