Infrared Panels are Taking the UK By Storm

What are infrared panels?

  1. Infrared panels are a safe, more efficient alternative to traditional gas powered boilers and radiators
  2. With studies indicating that they have an efficiency rating 2 x higher than a 2000W convection heating system, they may use just 50% of the electricity a traditional system would1
  3. The cost of individual panels starts at just £440 and a 4 bedroom whole house system estimated at £6k2

Many Brits don’t realise that they could afford an energy efficient alternative to traditional radiators

This innovative product offers an eco-friendly and more efficient alternative to conventional space heating in homes because it heats objects directly.

Rather than heating air which then circulates around the room (as radiators do), infrared panels heat people and objects directly, imitating the effect the sun might have on you on a warm day.

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What are the benefits of infrared panels?

Alongside the energy savings associated with infrared panels, there are numerous other benefits:
  • Don’t wait to get warm: infrared panels only take around 3-5 mins to heat up to around 90 degrees3
  • Only heat the rooms you need with smart tech: Because infrared panels are remote controlled on a smart system, you can heat a single room on demand, rather than having to turn a whole system on.
  • Low maintenance and easy installation: they don’t require extensive maintenance or pipe work and can be fitted quickly. They also don’t need servicing unlike boilers and heat pumps.
  • Health benefits: because infrared panels don’t cause the air to circulate, unlike traditional radiators, they are great for asthma sufferers or those with dust allergies. Alongside this they are safe4 (the radiation emitted is low level and dispersed quickly) and have a childlock feature.
  • Subtle addition to interior design: infrared panels are more sleek and less intrusive than radiators and can be mirrored to coordinate with the rest of your home.

They’re one of the most efficient new technologies out there, so if you have a traditional gas boiler that you need to get rid of in time for the ban5, it could be a great way to replace it! Start your quote today to understand how they could benefit you.