Thousands of homeowners are already reaping the benefits of solar panels

What's happening?

  1. A solar battery is a storage device for excess solar electricity
  2. Homeowners can cut their carbon footprint by 7% with a solar battery
  3. A solar-plus-storage system saves the average 3-bed house £642 per year1

Millions of UK households have already made the switch to solar and are reaping the benefits of cheaper electricity and a lower carbon footprint.

But many homeowners are missing out on additional savings thanks to solar batteries.

Solar batteries can store excess energy that your solar panels generate for later use such as during the night or during the cloudier days of the year.

A solar-plus-storage system saves the average 3-bed house £642 per year – and 30% more than solar panels alone.

Why are Brits rushing to install solar batteries?

  1. Reduce your energy bills – batteries are estimated to reduce your energy bills by 30% and some manufacturers predict it can be up to 60% when paired with efficient solar panels
  2. Use excess power when you need it – solar batteries allow you to store energy for when you’re not producing as much energy through your panels
  3. Reduced reliance on fossil fuels – reducing your need for fossil fuel energy has a major impact on our environment and helps future proof the planet for years to come

How do solar batteries work?

A solar battery works as an overflow storage unit.

When sunlight hits solar panels, they turn this natural resource into direct current (DC) electricity, before converting it into alternating current (AC) electricity that powers your home.

And when your home is fully powered, any excess solar energy will be rerouted to charge your battery, in much the same way you charge your phone.

Storing excess energy from solar panels can help the average 3-bed home save up to £642 per year.

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