Thousands of homeowners are already reaping the benefits of zero investment solar panels

What's happening?

  1. Subscription service offers solar panels for $0 upfront
  2. Homeowners can save thousands on the upfront cost of solar panels
  3. Kiwis are rushing to take advantage of this new service

Installing solar panels has never been more affordable. 

The cost of installing solar panels has fallen over the past decade and now thanks to subscription services, Kiwis can install solar panels for no upfront cost.

Solar panels aren’t just better for the environment they can massively cut your electricity bills, carbon footprint, and dependence
on volatile energy prices.

With subscription models, you won’t be charged  for the installation – and you will get lower energy costs. 

5 massive reasons to rent solar panels in 2024

  1. *$0 upfront cost – Save thousands with no initial costs to get your panels and battery installed
  2. Low, fixed monthly fee – Get lower energy costs by opting into one of the two ways of subscribing to solar
  3. Lower energy costs – Sunlight is free: enjoy lower energy costs with solar panels
  4. Efficiency monitoring – Web-based monitoring platform to maximise your solar energy
  5. Battery storage – Manage and store your energy for a reliable supply

How can I get a free solar panel quote?

  1. Click your location on the map
  2. Answer a few simple questions
  3. Get your FREE, no obligation quote